Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 Garden Planning: Resources. Day 3

Hey, guys! How are you enjoying my Antsy for Spring Gardening Week?

I wanted to make a good reference post for gardening resources. There are two basic resources that I think we need: information and places to order from.

I'll begin with great sites with a bunch of information for you. Because I live in the Pacific Northwest, I listed some sites with a focus on the PNW and Portland. Then we'll move on to the drool-worthy seedhouses and more!

General Sites:
Yougrowgirl. She started with container gardening and went from there. Her print books are fun reads with some good basic information too.
Mother Earth News, it's a magazine, it's a web site, it's amazing. Extensive information on gardening and other ways to live lightly on the earth.
Farmer's Almanac Gardening Calendar gives you a great idea of what to plant when.
Better Homes and Gardens has a downloadable garden calendar that you can customize for your area by plugging in a date or two.
Don't feel like typing in your last frost date? Oregon State University has a comprehensive list of gardening calenders in most regions. Check it out here That's how I found an Idaho specific one that might interest one or two of my readers. (Ohai! I see you there!)
The increasingly popular Square Foot Gardening, a great way to plan out your garden to maximum production.
Lasagna Gardening is a nice way to save your back. That google search should give you a good start. I recommend the motherearth link. I also have a special place in my heart for the thriftyfun folks too.
Hopefully, those few links are enough to get you started!

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest:
What to plant now, thanks to Mother Earth Magazine. Unfortunately, they don't have anything up for the month of December, but you can gaze longingly at March!
OSU has tips for the whole year. In December, the focus is on maintenance, protection, and clean-up. They mention nothing about dreaming and wishing and hoping...

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

Seed and Plant Sources:
Territorial Seeds
Seed Savers' Exchage
Baker Creek Rare Seeds
Sandhill Preservation Seeds has, among other things, a good variety of hard to find sunflowers. They also have heirloom poultry! I wish I lived in the country sometimes. I'd be able to order chickens from places with 25 chick minimum orders.
Heronswood Plants. They have some beautiful poppies. Kind of expensive.
Hope Seeds, a Canadian source, although I don't think I've had any visitors from Canada in a while.
The employee owned Johnny's Seeds is based on the east coast, but has plenty to offer no matter where your garden is.

May your dreams be big and your garden be fruitful!

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