Friday, December 10, 2010

2011 Garden Planning: A List of the Garden Beds

I'm getting antsy for spring, which is bad because it's only December. However, maybe you're here reading because you are antsy too. Hopefully my plans can help you.

Today, I'm making a list of my beds. Want to join me? Feel free to start today with a list of your own beds, here or on your own blog. You can also start with listing your seeds, which I did here on hybridhopes yesterday.

For ease, I've split them into front and back yard. Also, I've listed things I've grown in the last year in italics, as well as plants and bulbs that are still there. I don't know if I can remember three years back, which would be ideal. You gotta start somewhere though, right?

Front Yard
South Strip: peas. Garlic, tulips
South of Walkway: borage, lettuce, tomatoes, onions. Sage, rosemary.
North of Walkway: Rosemary (BBQ and creeping), Blueberries X 2, Strawberries, bulbs with bell shaped flowers that are really annoying, chicken and hens, Dogwood
South of Porch: Honeysuckle, St. John's Wort, Absinthe
Southwest Porch Bed: tomato, pole beans variegated thing, yew
Northwest Porch Bed: sad onions Yew, Irises.

Side Yard
Roses, azalea, thyme (wooly, citrus or lemon, and another), corsican mint

Back Yard
North Near House: Day lilies, rhubarb.
South Near House: roses X 2, aliums. Compost bin is currently here.
Raised Bed: tomatoes, sad looking overwintering fava beans.
Raised Bed in Lilac Zone: Columbine, heuchera.
Under Lilacs: nothing. lilac runners.
East Bed: zone of chicken destruction. Hazelnut, peonies, attempted dahlias.
Bed South of Garage: lemon balm, lavender, sad beans, sad zucchini
Mint Bed: spearmint, chocolate mint.

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