Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Garden Planning: Day 4: Garden Bed Plans

So, I'm posting Day 4 a little late... It's been a little crazy here at the hybidhopes household.

I've got some items in my beds that won't be moving. Those are in regular font. I need to add some more plants, of course :D. Those will be in italics. Plus some beds need new nutrients, which will be in bold.

Front Yard
South Strip: green beans. Garlic, tulips. whatever green beans need
South of Walkway: borage, mustard greens. Sage, rosemary. need to test for nutrients, probably needs nitrogen
North of Walkway: Rosemary (BBQ and creeping), Blueberries X 2, Strawberries, bulbs with bell shaped flowers that are really annoying, chicken and hens, Dogwood. get rid of creeping rosemary, probably add another herb
South of Porch: Honeysuckle, St. John's Wort, Absinthe. decide about keeping stinky absinthe
Southwest Porch Bed: luffa, maybe another gourd also variegated thing, yew test the soil for nutrients
Northwest Porch Bed: spread out irises, add shallow rooted flowers Yew, Irises. needs tons of nutrients

Side Yard
Roses, azalea, echinachea, thyme (wooly, citrus or lemon, and another), corsican mint add thyme plants, more calendula, add maybe more echinachea, maybe add some ginger if it likes shade, maybe take out some roses, tons of sunflowers, maybe patch of corn more mulch

Back Yard
North Near House: Day lilies, rhubarb. add more rhubarb, move day lilies. add fence to keep chickens from bathing on the rhubarb until established, check nutrients and add as needed.
South Near House: roses X 2, aliums. Compost bin is currently here.
keep aliums, add flowersmove compost back to back of yard, SE corner
Raised Bed: corn!!!, and squash which may be a pumpkin variety, also pole beans, sad looking overwintering fava beans right now. test for nutrients, make sure corn will be happy.
Raised Bed in Lilac Zone: Columbine, heuchera. mulch, nutrients as needed
Under Lilacs: nothing. lilac runners. Dig out some runners, prune lilacs, add shade loving herbs
East Bed: zone of chicken destruction. Hazelnut, peonies, attempted dahlias. protect dahlias from chickens, move coop to ??? more dahlias, sunflowers, squash or maybe cukes
Bed South of Garage: lemon balm, lavender. test for nutrients and add as needed maybe add flowers
Mint Bed: spearmint, chocolate mint. phase out spearmint, maybe add flowers

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