Monday, May 17, 2010

Union Nurses

I'm excited to see people get involved in the union. So much passion from so many nurses and health care professionals with so many diverse backgrounds.

<3 standing up for safe staffing and decent benefits! Thank you OFNHP! Don't forget to vote! I'm voting for and endorsing these guys:

Linda Rohman, RN, OFNHP RN Contract Specialist, Mt. Scott Internal Medicine Advice Nurse for Executive President

Elex Tenney, MSW, Medical Social Worker, Primary Care Adult Medicine,
East Interstate for Executive Vice President

Samantha Owens, RN Cardiovascular Unit, KSMC for Executive Secretary

Meg McGowan-Tuttle, RN, Oncology Med/Surg at KSMC for Treasurer

Kathy Schmidt, RN, Critical Care Float, KSMC for Leadership Development

Guy Marx, RN Regional Call Center Advice Nurse for Vice President, External Organizing

Nancy Amstad-Hite (Devore), RN, Kaiser Home Health for Continuing Care Services
for VP of Publications

Mike Savage, Dental Lab Specialist, North Interstate for Health & Safety

Melissa Pond, RN, Chronic Conditions Case Manager for Legislative/COPE

Traci D'Andrea, RN, Chronic Conditions Case Management & Staff RN PACU, KSMC
for Retirees

Dawnette McCloud, RN Staff Nurse PACU KSMC
for President RN, Bargaining Unit

Nancy Mulsoff, RN, Advice Nurse, Regional Call Center
for Vice President RN, Bargaining Unit

Christy Grove, RPSGT, Sleep Lab
for President Tech, Bargaining Unit

Amanda Hill, ABOC Dispensing Optician - Beaverton
for Vice President Tech, Bargaining Unit

Sharon Peabody-Brown, RDH, Dental Hygienist, Grand Dental Office
for President, Dental Bargaining Unit

Allison Burgett, RDH, Dental Hygienist - Beaverton
for Vice President, Dental Bargaining Unit

Michelle Flores, Medical Laboratory Scientist, KSMC
for President, Lab Pro Bargaining Unit

Let's give Andy McCulloch pause. Whatever the election results, we are united for each other, for our sister unions, and most importantly, for our patients. We will keep Kaiser afloat, we will continue to be the best providers of care, and we will not accept anything less than an excellent contract that members appreciate.

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