Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So tired

It's been a long work week, nevermind that it was two days short.
Energy drained. Patients have things I can't fix. can't fix. :/

And I have a quick class (3hours) in the morning.

Would love to sleep in. Can't.

Also, I'm on puppy duty tonight. Woo.

Interesting seeing how much traffic is generated by google searches of union stuff.

Listening to NPR, listened rather to NPR on way to work... Friday, must've been Science Friday, talking about social media (I hate that phrase) like f.b. and how circles are smashed together outside their normal context. they phrased it so well, the weirdness of having grandmother on same info wavelength as my coworkers and friends of all sorts. and never the twain shall meet. or whatever. can't drop g*d bombs around my grandma. or delve as much into politics as I'd like with coworkers on that stream. meh! bah! goodnight!

p.s. may change blog format entirely. who cares, right? maybe will actually make print zine. computers = elitist? tired. of a lot.


Polly Mae + John said...

Sign me up for the zine subscription if you throw your interwebs out the window.

Polly Mae + John said...

Sign me up for the zine if you end up throwing your interwebs away!

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