Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Thanks to folks who went to fight people who were fighting for their own freedom, only to come back and not be able to talk about what went on "over there." Thanks to those who join the military for college money and manage to get to college and not die or change your hopes of going to college in the interim. Thanks to those who joined, got pregnant, and got out before anything terribly traumatic could happen. Thanks to those who joined and have to deal with the biggest fight being sexism or homophobia.

I wish our military was used as a tool to spread freedom. Of the people. But it's used to help free up income that multimillion dollar corporations could be making. It's used to block obstacles like union employees in south america. Coca Cola in Columbia. Dole/United Fruit Company received US military support in Guatamala. And of course, oil, oil, and more oil.

and you know this.

I usually keep these opinions to myself; I had family in the military and HAVE family in the military.

I also am getting spammed ad nauseum with "I'm proud of my soldier," "I'm thankful for those who died gave up their lives for total strangers and for generations to come." Except the strangers are corporations, and generations=profits. I need some truth to balance the willing blindness, to counter the lies.

So, thank you for any intentions that you have or had that were good. Please don't die, and please protect things in a way that protects things.

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