Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Caturday Post, now with Cats

Or a cat. I think I failed to post on a couple Caturdays, and last Caturday actually involved a chicken. Maybe that's because cats are terrible models.

They don't hold still. Their fur exudes some crazy energy that distorts their beauty on film. And they are melodramatic jerks.

Case in point: Babies. Yes, new readers, one of my cats has a plural name. Don't ask.

Almost got a good one. This is one of many.


I tried to persuade her to sit in the middle of the table, framed by the light streaming through the window. I tried to convince her to not close her eyes while I'm taking the shot. I tried to get her to stop flipping upside down. I tried soothing words. I tried treats and bribes. None of that worked. "Fuck this, I'm out!" she finally muttered.


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