Friday, October 10, 2008

Washcloth Swap

Alright. No more swaps 'til after the winter holidays. Except maybe one or two more washcloth swaps! They're fast, easy, and fun. Kind of like me. Or not.

Here's what I made my partner, ellen-j, in the last washcloth swap:

from me to ellen-j

Yep, that's one massive blue one, a regular sized red one, and a cute hand sized egg one.

Speaking of cute, it's hard to go wrong with kitties. Here's ellen-j's handcrafted gift to me:
Ohai!  kittah washcloth

But wait, there's more!!
This is garnet stitch. The whole washcloth is generously sized. Too big for the internet, even. No really, the close-up is the best shot, and the full shots just don't do it justice.
garnet stitch

and that's all!
oh wait! it isn't all!
spider attak teh kittah!!!!!
oh noes!!!!!!

AND it's stealing my coffee. I'm not sure which is worse.
worst morning ever!!!

1 comment:

Ms. Jessie said...

The spider is freaking adorable!!

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