Thursday, October 9, 2008

Contest Winner = me!!!

package from the philippines

It came in the mail! All the way from the Philippines. I'm often amazed by the generosity of the crafting community, but with my first contest win, and the writer of Hired mailing a package all the way to Portland, I'm again a believer.

So, dear readers, you've been good. And patient. I finally have time to blog... Between work, craft, union steward stuff, gardening, participating in some nerdery, and other real life things, it's hard to fit in the interweb sometimes.

I know you're wondering what was in that package. I got:

gypsypunk earrings

MORE (badly photographed) earrings!
gypsypunk large earrings

An earring holder, still in its package:
earring holder in package

It's made from recycled packaging <3 She also sent a bracelet with tiny shells. Here's the anklet: gypsypunk tag and anklet

It's also made from recycled bits, and the main body of the anklet is a trimmed serged seam. Totally makes me question what we consider waste.


Ms. Jessie said...

It is amazing what we can reuse for other things. Also is the front door new in your house. I dont remember seeing the cool glass in it when I saw the house. I like it.

Hybrid Hopes said...

same front door... it's grown on me - I didn't like it at first.

Christopher And Tia said...

YAY for winning stuff!!!

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