Thursday, October 2, 2008

p.s. i got loop-d-loop on sale, and what Eagle Lodge has to do with YOU.

Yep, the book. I wanted to get it when it came out because there were a few intriguing patterns. But really, I did not need the book at all, especially for the original price. I found it at Powell's for 11.98. Yep, the lovely Powell's on Hawthorne, the one with all the craft and gardening and home books.

The cover features a scarf that is pretty nifty. Easy to make sans pattern, but cute in a Jacob Marley way.

I like the one sleeved tank: here's a finished version someone put up on craftster. I like that it looks easy to make as well...

I also like the yoke vest. That link is also to a craftster post. The image in the book features a vest with a more standupish collar. I think it's begging for a snug shirt underneath and maybe a conversion of the collar into a hood. Hopefully this'll get me to knit a sweater type thing. I also like the lace leaf pullover. And the Fair Isle Hooded Capelet.

There are some patterns which I am pretty close to hating though. Braided-bodice wench blouse? No. And the cashmere lace blouse is not awesome. Actually, it's really ugly.

On more marital-related news, Eagle Lodge, Eagle Lodge, Eagle Lodge. Cheaper than initially quoted, the Eagle Lodge comes with a board of trustees that votes on each event (Record Sales!, Rummage Sales!, apparently lots of wedding receptions too!). The spacious enough Eagle Lodge features two rooms, a good sized dance floor, a modest stage perfect for brothers and uncles to get up and play the guitar on. Also, kids are welcome in the reservable area, and in the video game area whilst accompanied by an adult. Two pool tables are available for the over 21 crowd. A full bar. Sorry, no open bar, but with the budget we're working with this is how it's gotta be. And no wedding would be complete without video poker availability at the reception. Yeah.

Interestingly, the Eagles Lodge became the nesting area for local Eagles in 1977. Yes, dear readers, that's correct. 1977 is the year in which the fiance and I were born! It's also the year Elvis died. Also, the Raiders were still in Oakland and they more than doubled the Vikings score in the SuperBowl. Carter pardoned most Vietnam draft dodgers in February of the same year. And Uranus was in the news - that's the year astronomers discovered rings around Uranus. (Uranus uranus uranus uranus... I think it's out of my system now).


Apparently it's not out of my system. I just asked the Fiance "Guess what year astronomers discovered rings around Uranus." His "shut up" reply sent me into giggles. "No seriously, it's a serious question." "Shut up." "Anyway, it was 1977," really, I thought he would be excited. "Yeah, real f*#&ing funny. 'Cause that's the year I was born. Hilarious." See what I'm working with? Two of us who think like 12 year olds. Uranus. hahahahah.

uh... back to The Year of the Fire Snake, 1977. Martin Luther King Junior was awarded the Medal of Freedom in July. If only they would've awarded him that Medal before, if only it could have deflected that terrible bullet. Carter signed the Department of Energy into being. In August, the Son of Sam was arrested.

Vaguely related, I strongly feel that the president should be someone like Carter, in that they WORK and know what it's like to be a normal human with a normal job and stressors, and go back to being a peanut farmer or whatever after their term.

Yeah. So, dearly beloved, get ready to rock the Eagle Lodge come May 23rd.

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