Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama's many forms

I think Obama's inspired more works of art/craft than any other living famous person, including Martha Stewart. (Overall, musicians have it in the bag, I think, with folks like the Ramones and the Dresden Dolls being at the top of the pack).

Of course, you have the stencils. The most iconic and most replicated and most satirized comes from OBEY.

If you live in Portland, you can see WW's version, featuring Palin and a NOPE underneath.

More stencilled Obamas:
tee, Give Peace A Chance Obama/Biden tee, Change we can believe in massive 80s style lettering on a tee, and Barack to the Future tee.

So paint is a totally expected medium, you say. You remain unexcited, even after the Back to the Future flip. Fine. Well, what about beans?!

or yarn?!?!

I remember Al Gore being accused of being wooden, but this Obama is more literal.

How about having your president, and eating him too? Yeah, kinda weird, but hell, take a peek. And not nearly as weird as some of the cakes on cakewrecks.

Here's another yarny tribute to Obama's campaign. A knitted hat?!!
in rib and stockinette

There are tons more. It's nice to know that folks are interested in politics and interested in DIY. It feeds the hopeful wolf inside me.

So not to leave Palin out, a supporter made a shirt that's pro-governor-from-alaska.
Yes, that does say VPILF. Yes, I also assume that it means Vice President I'd Like to Fuck. Yes, that kind of proves the point that republicans have lost touch with reality. Or maybe they're so IN touch with the reality that I try to pretend doesn't exist - the reality that sells thongs to pre-teens, that thinks all black folks love malt liquor and rap and fried chicken*, that thinks it's ok to use sex to hawk anything from cars to handbags to idealogy. ffffsssssskkkkk.

*I'm muttering something under my breath about African American vegans, my grandma's delicious fried chicken, and well done off-the-radio rap, all of which exist. Except for the fried chicken, because my grandma is fairly recently afraid of cholesterol.

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