Saturday, September 27, 2008

someone on the internet is an idiot

Why am I awake? Oh yeah, someone on the internet is wrong. I must fix it.

I won't bother pasting what I'm responding to. You're smart, dear readers. And I'm tired.


I just found out the massive church down the street from my house is located on a former Japanese-American internment camp. I remember when I first found out about these how shocked I was. and embarrassed.

I find it also kind of embarrassing that the next post reads "In order to have freedom of rights we have to give up freedom of privledges." Right after someone describes their family's displacement, and theft of their family's property. Legal residents of the U.S. Sure, we can give up some things - but not basic rights. Not the rights that were guaranteed to us - imprisonment with no trial? Not even close to cool. or even close to free.

To the o.p. questions:

1. Are you ladies voting? If so...why? If not...why?
hells yes, I am voting.
2. Who are you voting for?
3. If you are voting for McCain/Palin...why not Obama?
I am not voting for someone who voted the way George Bush Jr. wanted 95% of the time. Maverick? Please. And the same party that's dismissing Obama's experience is exalting Palin's laughable lack of experience. Palin has used her power to try (thank the powers that be that she failed) to ban books, to fire people she had personal beef with. She initially said that she wasn't going to accept the position of V.P. until someone explained to her exactly what a v.p. does and she hoped that the role would benefit Alaska coughcoughporkbarrelcoughcough, then days later stated that she never had a moment's hesitation.

Um, don't know what happened to the rest of the questions, but I am voting for Obama/Biden because Obama really does represent change. He really can help mend the wounds that have so set other nations against us and repair our image. I don't know if his administration can right the economy - whoever is pres. next is inheriting a MESS. But I know I strongly prefer the democrat's take on health care. As a nurse, the longer I work in health care, the more I adamantly believe that we MUST provide all citizens with health care - preventative care so the uninsured don't just come in in crisis mode to our ERs. It's criminal not to.

Honestly, I don't like Biden. He dropped a "compliment" on Obama - "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said. "I mean, that's a storybook, man." Really? It's 2008 and you can't name another nice-looking black man? Articulate, really? That's the word you chose? You've never met an articulate black person before, Mr. Biden? Meh.

But Obama's roots, empowering neighborhoods and communities where really the power of our beautiful country lies really speaks loudly. He's not nearly liberal enough for my tastes, but frankly, McCain with his voting record, and Palin ... just terrifying. I've wondered if anyone could possibly be worse than George w. Bush, and I think Palin might be it.


Scott Crawford said...

John Mccain is too old to be president in addition to his other shortcomings. A vote for John Mccain might as well be a vote for Sarah Palin.

Tamae said...

Will you please remove my name from this post? I am Tamae Shiiki, I was posting about my family and this makes it sound like I'm the idiot that didn't know about internment camps.
I just googled my name and this came up and I don't want people thinking I'm the person saying this thanks!

Hybrid Hopes said...

Tamae: changed!

and an embarrassing update: the camp near my house was not an internment camp, but is still creepy.

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