Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My friend's loss, our nation's loss

My friend wrote this post. Please read it.

What kind of freedoms are we protecting, what kind of "democracy" is this if our kids can't go to school without getting murdered? What kind of place have we created where children think that murder is the solution, or not a big deal? What value of life have we communicated to them?

I gain hope from many sources. Sometimes I have to search for the most ordinary thing and root down into the bit of happiness or meaning it can bring. Like the origami of a sunflower. Or writers like the one I linked to the other day, Womanist Musings. Well, that post was actually written by someone else. If you're straight, white, male, or ever been accused of having "privilege" (because if you are any of those things, you DO have it) or been interested about reading about it, check that post.

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