Thursday, July 3, 2008

The terrible Machine

I made my first ATCs, and I made a set of six while I was at it. Some of 'em, not bad, some of 'em, not super impressed with.

My favorite:
Steampunk atc swap: Cloud and Weather Machine

Nice and simple. Note the cloud level knob and what it's turned to, please.

My least favorite:
steampunk ATC swap
With those poorly done goggles on YouKnowWho, it looks more Twilight Zone than steampunk :( Plus it's kind of busy. I vaguely like the words in the background though.

Most Cheesy:
steampunk atc hearts pipes gears

The rest:
Steampunk Series ATC: Captain Chronos and His Steam Powered Airship or something like that

Steampunk ATC swap: steam power (captain obvious)

Steampunk ATC
That last one is the one I kept. I had 5 trade partners, and have received one card so far.

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