Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Time Angel need

I've never been on the receiving end of a swap angel, but my partner in the "Pimp My Craftster Username" Flaked out on me. First time for everything, I guess. I had already sent her her package ages ago.

So here's what she got:
Group shot!
Pimp My Craftster Username Swap group shot

Pimp my craftster username lap blanket brown side

Pimp my craftster username lap blanket tan side

She mentioned that she got her name from the "Monkey see, monkey do, monkey get in trouble too!" saying, and also from the crafty inspiration craftster brings her: she sees the cool things other people make and it inspires her to give it a go. Totally could relate. Anyway, between her sentiments and a reread of the copycat issue of Craft magazine, I started thinking about ripples and concentric circles and the spread of ideas. That's why there's increasing silhouette stitching around the monkey face. That, and it holds the layers together pretty well :)

A little bookmark made of craft paper, a lightweight drawing paper, and pen and markers:
Pimp my craftster username Bookmark

Mojo the Helper Monkey:
Pimp my craftster username  pray for mojo
Pimp my craftster username  Mojo from the top

A sign for her craft area:
Pimp my craftster username Monkey_see_monkey_do sign


Ms. Jessie said...

That totally sucks that she didnt keep up with her end of the trade. :( I wouldnt do that. maybe be behind.

Hybrid Hopes said...

Nah, we tried messaging her. She's flaked on a couple other swaps too. bummer.

Ms. Jessie said...

I wouldnt swap with her anymore then

sarah said...

I'm sure every time she sees the cool stuff she got, she feels terribly guilty.

Hybrid Hopes said...

Maybe. She's still posting on craftster. Crazy. She had a couple injuries, which totally sucks. But just a little message would've been nice. "Hey, I'm going to need extra time and send on ___________ instead." or something. Instead, crickets and no package. Meh.

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