Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sewing Season

Dude, it's sunny, or at least the sun has been sighted on and off.  Now, obviously, it's not sunny.  It's nine thirty seven pm. 
The chickens are locked in their coop with attached run and unable to damage any seedlings I might plant. 
I don't think I've bragged about local stores lately.  Lemme fix that!  Bolt is the greatest fabric store that I have shopped at in the last month!  No, really, all year maybe.  Also, my husband is pretty cool.  He picked out two fabrics, one with beautiful bones of animals.  The other has SPACE INVADERS!!!  We got one yard of each.  So, there's a skirt for Isobel out of the bone fabric already.  And I almost have Space Invaders Shorts for Iso finished!  DO YOU KNOW THE LAST TIME I'VE FOLLOWED A PATTERN, LET ALONE FOR PANTS OR PANT LIKE OBJECTS?!?!
Yeah, the most awesome fabric ever.  And Bolt, an amazing fabric store.  Yay.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for the kind words!

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