Monday, November 1, 2010

Links for the day

I'm really appreciative of this amazing Peacock Jacket that craftster user jenfullmoon made for the latest craftster challenge. Both the time she put in (although she seems to mostly knit those time consuming, yarn consuming, amazing pieces that overwhelm my crafting attention span), and the thought she put into the project - super dope.

Also, I'm making these:
Pork Chops
a made up cream cheese ball recipe, kind of like this, minus the gross meat.

Speaking of gross, that pork chop recipe calls for canned condensed cream of mushroom soup. Both Campbells and Fred Meyer's cream of mushroom soup have soybean oil. (Although Freddy's ingredient list includes the more vague and paraphrased "may contain corn, soybean, or some other kind of oil" which is more ewwwrific). So my beef with soybean oil is that it's from soybeans. Let me explain. I love soybeans and soybean products, and I love soybean farmers. I do NOT love that soybeans and corn are two of the most likely crops to be genetically modified. I've seen numbers from 70-91% of soybeans planted in the US are GMOs. Freaky. Why is that a big deal? Well, the GMO soybean has negative effects on your fetus, negative effects on your liver, negative effects on the environment (both in spreading their genes to nearby farms and in increasing needs for more and more weed killers). Still, I didn't have time to make homemade cream of mushroom soup. So I bought the bad soup knowing I'm going to feed this crap to my fetus. I figure once in a blue moon, maybe, hopefully, it'll be okay.

By the way, I resubscribed to Craftypod on ITunes. It's a good way to show the love for an awesome crafter and craft supporter, boost the ratings a bit more. I've been occasionally going to her blog and listening in, and I realize I've missed several podcasts that way. Want to join me in subscribing? Just search "craftypod" on itunes, or check out the blog and listen from there.

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