Sunday, May 2, 2010

Portlanders: Things I have for trade

I have for trade (or for money if you want):

Tomato plants in gallon and 4" pots, Caro Rich, $2 each

Spearmint plants in same sizes $2 each

Embroidery floss, assorted, cotton, a checkbook box full, $2-5 bucks

Camera: Canon Rebel K2 EO5 with 28-80 lens, camera case, tripod, a few rolls of film b&W and 400 speed color (maybe 800 too, I think, somewhere). Does have a scratch on one of the interior mirrors. ($100)

Would like:
Plants: lavender, artichoke, sunflowers, calendula, echinacha, wild ginger,

Craft stuff: I'm pretty full up, but if you have something awesome and really want something I have, I'm cool with trading.

Supplies for painting outdoor trim.

Cement (making a bird bath and garden bench)

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