Thursday, January 21, 2010

so i'm going to europe

I didn't grow up exactly rich. We had food stamps from time to time, and probably qualified for them more often than we got them. My mom was worried about the stigma at the grocery store when she brought out her booklets. I was a clueless kid and thought they looked like traveler's checks. I donno where my brain had seen traveler's checks, maybe my mom had told even me that's what they were.

We were never without a home though. And my grandparents' home was HUGE. We lived there every few years, on and off. I had my own room. We had a large yard that was half grass and half garden. So I didn't really grow up poor.

But I did grow up thinking that a dream honeymoon to Europe, or a trip to Europe period was an out of reach luxury. So I feel about like a princess with our honeymoon plans. A bit of a weird role for me. I'm more apt to quote "Tell your teacher I said princesses are evil; How they got all they money was they killed people" than throw on a tiara. So, yeah... honeymoon.

That being said, I'm super excited. We're going to Rome. ROME! With the PANTHEON! and the COLUSEUM! and Venice, the gorgeous sinking city. and Munich! and Vienna! and Prague! Buildings older than my nation, amazing architecture. I can't wait.

So I'm working on learning bits of the german language so I'll be less of a douchebag when I'm there.

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TJ Tarwater said...

Though I knew you guys were planning to go already: SWEET! :D

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