Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something I Made, and an Amazing Quilt


The cool thing in the photo is the quilt which was temporarily over my craft room window. Gorgeous, right? Yeah, I didn't make it. My quilting skills, as my niece Eleanore can attest to, are minimal at best. That quilt was a gift from a coworker friend, a gorgeous creature that required a good amount of time and love and energy. The quilt, not the coworker friend. I love that quilt.

The knitted thing, that's what I made. Just a practice triangle which works out very well as a bandanna type hair covering. The head is from Value Village. I bought something like four of them one halloween, and painted them.

1 comment:

Ms. Jessie said...

I love the quilt!! the crochet thing not so much my thing but I love how you make things!!

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