Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ok, i'm bad

i'll start on my plan next week.

today, it was hot.

i went to the bybee farmers' market. bought some stuff. strawberries, 'cause the two to three a day we've been getting from the front yard plants isn't enough. also green onions (i donno why, i've got a bunch in the fridge already), and some chives. Also some lemon cuke starts because my starts failed to ... start.

weeded and pruned the overdue for pruning roses.

picked the mustard and spinach that went to seed. rules be damned, i'm gonna eat it! or at least the non tough parts.

held my chickens a bit. they tolerate it much more at dusk. i want them to be used to it. they were so sweet and let us hold 'em all the time when they lived in the brooder. now, they're anti-parent teenagers, sneaking in the garage to smoke. okay, minus the smoking. but they totally do sneak in the garage if i have it open. they are naughty and evil during the day. reverse gremlins. also, i've been complaining about the fairly mild heat. but the girls, they're losing feathers. not bad, they all have good coverage. but the backyard is LITTERED with black feathers, stripey feathers, fluffy white feathers, downy gray feathers. you'd think i had a whole massive flock of chickens. i don't.

what else. that's about it, i guess. i'm about to hop in the bath, 'cause i'm a bit stinky after the day's events. i bought some REALLY good smelling soap at Limbo. It's made by Camamu, and it's right here. It smells great, has a lovely texture, and makes me feel kinda soft, even in the hands after a long day in the garden.

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