Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Belated Wednesday

So yesterday I sprained my ankle. Late in the day, so I have no excuse for not posting during the many hours before I sprained my ankle. We planned a nice trip on foot to the shops on Woodstock. I was tired of waiting for the cars to stop and was going to walk to the edge of the bike path. However, the drain great combined with sneakers with crappy ankle support brought me down.

It's extra frustrating because I managed to get a lumbar strain about a week ago, and had been feeling a million times better - more like my usual semi-invincible self.

I thought about calling in. But I'm tired of sitting around really. I managed to take the recycles and the trash out this morning. If I can do that, I can probably work.

However, I do have wedding related pictures for ya. CAKE!!! Delicious, delicious cake from Pambiche.

wedding cake,pambiche

We couldn't pick just one. We were originally going to go with Pambiche's Tres Leche's cake, but that was before the cake tasting that I didn't think we needed. Ha! These two won out. The mango one was a hit.

wedding cake,pambiche

I really really recommend you eat at Pambiche if you haven't yet. It's casual and bright, super delicious, reasonably priced... The only thing I don't like about the restaurant is that it's kind of small, and you can't roll up there with a crew of more than 6 really easily.


Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Christopher And Tia said...

I love that you're posting more often. I miss y'all a lot, and its nice to be able to stop by your blog and see that theres something there. Kind of like stopping by somebodies house, finding out that they're actually home, type thing.

I hope your ankle feels better soon. I sprained my knee for the first time a few months ago, and its just now back to the point of no-knee-brace-required. Sprain = suck. Were you able to go into work? :(

Christopher And Tia said...

Pffft, my original reason for commenting. THE CAKE! It looks delicious. I bet it tasted even better. So excited to see pictures from your wedding. Please post more?

Hybrid Hopes said...

Yeah. I mostly didn't want to just hang out at home, which i did while I was recovering from the back thing. I put on an air-cast that I had from a previous ankle sprain (apparently my ankles are my weak spot, if anyone wants to bring me down). I hopped around a bit, thanked the powers that be that I hadn't decided to be a stand-on-your-feet-all-day OR RN, and went to work. Was not bad. The last couple days, I've gone sans air cast. It's kind of sore, but not bad. It was definitely not the worst sprain I've had.

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