Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chicken Contest!

Hey happy readers!

I know I promised to do Tutorials on Tuesday, but, well, I'm not very good with rules. Even ones I make myself. However, this little contest will get you started on a chicken-how-to.

I know a lot of ya'll are the crafty gardening types. And one of the crazily simple ways to be nice to your garden is to have chickens. Yes. You. Chickens.

The pros: they eat bugs. they eat weeds. They poop, and their poop is great in the compost pile. they lay eggs. You can craft with their feathers. They're pretty easy to care for, and not very time-consuming.

The cons: they eat ALL bugs they can catch. they will eat some of your seedlings. They poop wherever, and you do need to age it a bit so you won't get nitrogen burn on your little plant-a-loons. People might thing you're weird, especially if you craft with their feathers. Depending on your area, you might not be able to legally keep chickens.

If you're interested in chickens and need to start off on your research, I've got the contest for you. I've got a copy of Keep Chickens: Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces. And it can be yours.

I got it at Powell's last month. I read it, but it's not really good as a chicken owner's reference. But it IS great for folks who are thinking of chickens and need a jumping off point, an idea about what to have when you first get your chicks, and what to expect the first couple months of life.

Keep Chickens can be yours. All you gotta do is leave me a comment with one bit of chicken lore, a chicken fact, or a good name for a chicken. I'll randomly select a winner next Tuesday!


Mount Belly Mama said...

Ah, we're discovering that while they eat bugs (especially spiders and ants), their poop attract flies. Nice.

But we're figuring it out!

Kynik said...

Fact: Chickens are descendants of jungle-dwelling fowl.

...and it's illegal for me to have any, though all of the surrounding towns & villages allow them to varying degrees. Drat!

Taylor said...

The longest recorded distance flown by any chicken was 301.5 feet.

hybridhopes said...

wooo! i waited until the end of Tuesday just in case there were last minute comments. winner listed here.

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