Friday, January 30, 2009

Spring cleaning and rearranging, and a compass rose

Some things my mom left behind when she moved, and a postcard from my sister in law (thanks Tia:


My brother and I talked last night about old photos, and how your perspective on the picture, the people and the items whose images that appear, the stories surrounding those people - how these things change as the years go by.

Change things by time and location, and your perspective changes.

Every now and then I have to move things around. Change the flow and such. Decide if I need all this stuff. That's what I've been doing this week.

That, and this:


I painted that compass rose with a little help from this site. Well, really, a LOT of help. And I liked the black, white, and gold so much on the sixth picture on this slideshow that those are the colors I went with. Plus, the colors were BrownBear approved!


Ms. Jessie said...

that compass is freaking cool. good job

Hybrid Hopes said...

thanks! that site totally made it doable.

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