Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day Thursday Quickie

Some things are so hard to capture in photographs. My brother's brindle dog, for example. They tend to be even harder to capture with the bottom of the bottom of scanners on the market. Oh well. Here goes:

A journal (with a heavily textured cover that doesn't show up very well) I made for a friend:
ready multimedia journal

and the back:
ready multimedia journal back

I actually painted this journal a while ago, then the paint started peeling off. So I peeled the rest off, sandpapered the cover, and started fresh!


Ms. Jessie said...

cool you are ever the crafty one. I bow down to the queen of reuse, recycle craft goddess.

Hybrid Hopes said...

aw thanks, sis.

TJ Tarwater said...

I am that friend :D

Thanks again, it's dope!

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