Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Like Nike?

You'll love their sweatshops.

Please think about your purchases. Like whether or not you need to make the purchase at all...

On a happier note, I'm reading The Hungry Years about the First Great Depression. Wait, that's not a happier note. I learned about the founding of the Big 3, or at least something interesting about Ford. He shut down the factories for MONTHS in between the Model T and the Model A. When asked about it, he said being out of work was GOOD for the workers, showed 'em that times wouldn't always be good. With roots like these, it's hard for me to be anything besides skeptical when it comes to corporations. A few analysts have been repeating that it's the autoworker union's fault that cars are so expensive, that the Big 3 are going down. Labor only contributes 10% of the cost of the new car. 90% of the cost comes from parts (very necessary), research and development (ah, that explains why we have so many hybrids?), advertising (do we really need so much advertising), marketing (how hard is it to come up with an overpriced car commercial?) and management.

I posted about this before, here, after watching a Democracy Now episode.

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