Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the Union Worker's fault?

As reported on Democracy Now, about 10% of the cost of a new car goes to the workers who make the car. Those are the unions. 10% to the union workers. Maybe 10% is a big deal. Let's say a new car costs $17,000. That means it would be $1,700 cheaper ($15,300) if you could make it for free. Seventeen hundred bucks: that's enough for a wedding dress, or a family vacation. But seventeen hundred bucks for all the work that it takes to put that car together, to bend the steel and lay on some smooth shiny paint, a lot of work. Ten percent of the cost of the car goes to the union workers who build those vehicles for you. Twenty percent goes to the supervisory costs. Twenty percent so that non-union observers can point and click and demand and shuffle. Your car is $3,400 more expensive now. Your car could have been $13,600 if there were no managerial costs. There are fewer managers than workers too, so they're making more than double what the "expensive" union workers are making. So who's fault is it, really, in those simple terms?

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ZombieKitteh said...

replying to the comment you left me:
Some call it freedom, I'm happier, but others will say I'm lazy or that I just became poor-er (if that's a word) >_> Eh I'd rather be happy and poor than mierable and able to buy random things.

ZombieKitteh said...

Oh lol. I didn't realize you had comment mod on. I didn't see my comment so I reposted it. whoops sorry.

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