Wednesday, November 5, 2008

quickie craft: cat toys with tutorial

Guess what a few lucky cats are getting for a Yuletide treat?


Easy peasy. You just need basic sewing stuff, and basic skills.

Pick a nice fabric. One that's durable-ish, if you have cats like mine. I used a scrap that I got at the Goodwill Bins <3.

Cut the fabric into 3" by 7" strips. You can totally alter those numbers, by the way.

Fold the fabric so the right sides are together, and your piece is now 3" by 3.5".

Sew around two cut sides completely, and sew all but about 1" on the third side. Flip the little thing right side out, and stuff with fabric scraps and bits of plastic bags. I guess the cats like the noise the plastic makes. Throw in about a tbsp of catnip or so. If you want, you can put a 3" or longer length of yarn or scrap of fabric in the opening at this point, for a tail that the cats can grab on to. Then just sew it closed, and let your kitties commence with the playing.


Christopher And Tia said...

OOoh Kitty Spooky would LOVE a new cat toy. Shes torn apart all of her fuzzy catnip mice. Eleanore picked up a purple string (a tail) the other day and said outloud "the mouse is broken!"

ZombieKitteh said...

These are great. And adorable. I have to make cheap presents for my cats and with 11 of them I can't buy them each a bag of treats. Thx

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