Saturday, November 1, 2008


I left my camera at my friend's house, but here's a pic from my camera phone...

Halloween 2008

This is what happens when you run with scissors?
Crafting accident gone horribly wrong?

Stuff used: spirit gum, zipper, (coffee + Aleene's tacky glue + red food coloring), two bandages that you can't see, a bit of black elasticy yarn for the stitches on the right side of my face, red lipstick, black lipstick, red eyeliner, fake eyelashes, black eyeliner, a bone barrette ... I think that might be it.

Andy was a rooster. I promise more pictures later


Christopher And Tia said...

But, I want more pictures nowwwwww. How dare you tease me!

Sarah said...

I posted the pic of both of you on Facebook :)

Ms. Jessie said...


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