Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love your Body Day

I missed it! Apparently it was October 15th.

Well, as part of Love Your Body Day, I guess a full disclosure is in order.

This is me:

I'm 5'6 1/4"
I weigh about 160
I can run 6 miles with some walking and average about a 12 minute mile
I can do knee pushups
I can do about 30 crunches before I get bored
I have a scar on my right elbow from falling off my bike as a perfectly grown person.
I have a scar from my navel to my pubic bone roughly from a bilateral ovarian cyst removal
My knees sometimes hurt and I wouldn't be surprised if I need replacements someday. Sometimes my back is a bit cranky also
My vision has been decreasing a bit since I needed my first glasses at 26
I don't like to work out, unless there's a practical goal; I like to finish tasks. Like mowing the lawn, or carrying books up stairs. (I have a lot of books).
I have eyelashes that grow out of the tear duct area of my eyes.
I have a hair that grows out of my chin. OK, two hairs.
I got chicken pox when I was 21. Please get the vaccine if you haven't had chicken pox because it's not fun as an adult. I have half a dozen round scars from the infernal varicella virus.
I had an extra tooth when I was a kid. It looked a bit like a fang. If only I had had two, those uber goth vampire folks that actually sharpen their teeth to get what I had would be hella jealous.

So my body is occasionally a bit obnoxious, but pretty functional. Hurray for my body.

1 comment:

Christopher And Tia said...

ugh. next year i'll have to take part in love your body day. this year, i'll pass.

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