Tuesday, August 5, 2008

lookie what i got!

from my anatomy swap partner...

anatomy swap craftster summer 2008 from flyraeven

Holy crap, I opened the box and immediately was even more excited. That's how my bag looked 3 minutes after I opened my swap package. I loved the patch and the pin so much I had to show 'em off at work right away. I had seen "Ortho nurses get all the breaks" on a bumper sticker a long time ago and had always wanted something with that phrase emblazoned across it. My wish was flyraeven's (my awesome partner's) command.

She also made this uterus with posable fallopian tubes and changeable faces. Yeah, you heard right. Wooo!

This is the uterine "I just got an IUD stuffed in my junk" face.

Uterus with posable falopian tubes craftster swap summer 2008 from flyraeven

Alright, goodnight.


Ms. Jessie said...

COOL! but I dont a uterus that makes faces.

Christopher And Tia said...

MY uterus makes faces, haha.

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