Saturday, August 23, 2008


A great list of some of his stances and history. One of the items mentions he "told the Daily Show he thinks McCain would be a good president and is a personal friend." Even before I read that, I was wondering why Obama didn't just choose McCain as his V.P. :(-

The author of this blog mentions "But then again, I guess if you had to disqualify every Senator who has said something with racial bias attached to it, there really wouldn't be anyone left to pick from either." While this is unfortunately pretty close to true, that doesn't mean we have to settle for some mediocre "safe bet."

I recently started reading Diary of an Anxious Black Woman (I highly recommend subscribing/bookmarking/reading it/sharing it). She names her dream presidential team: Barrack Obama and Caroline Kennedy. (This blogger was hoping for the same ticket). It started me rethinking about my own Dream Team. Kucinich/Obama? Staceyann Chin/Inga Muscio? Could Barry Bonds with his blunt no-nonsense words be Attorney General or the Secretary of the Department of Defense? Margaret Skirvin would make a decent Secretary of the Department of Education, and maybe bring the focus back to *education* ... Could we maybe try writers instead of lawyers and career politicians in the top political positions of our country? Folks like Jimmy Carter, folks who have experience in the working class, have experience WORKING and living and breathing like an everyday citizen? A college professor perhaps?
I'm so so so so disappointed in the choice of Biden.

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