Thursday, May 29, 2008


I forgot about this:

1) Read one poem by pablo neruda each day next week.
2) Learn 7 words in spanish. enlist andy for help.
3) Book that massage before my gift certificate expires.
4) Get or make curtains for our bedroom and the library.
5) Make or get nametags for all the pets.
6) Go to garage sales one day next week.
7) Try one new restaurant NOT in SE portland.

1 i'll do for the rest of the week. 2 is changed to 4 words in spanish. 3 is too late. 4. I can do. 5. also, super easy. 6. that'll be saturday 7. maybe saturday too.

Today I must do: 5) Nametags for all the cats.

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Hybrid Hopes said...

Update: I made the cat tags out of #6 plastic, but it shrunk really strangely. #6 plastic is allegedly the poor man's shrinky dinks, and is apparently the plastic that many take out containers are made from. It's also the plastic that many nursery planters are made out of. Well, I had a broken one, cut 'em into circles and hole punched 'em, wrote down the cats' names and addresses, and shrunk em down. They started out as little brown circles, and shrunk down in one dimension. They now look like little brown surfboards. Crazy. I put Babies' tag on her, but I think I might try round two tomorrow.

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