Monday, May 19, 2008

interweb comics

So I'm behind the times. I just learned about A new fondness.

All images are clicky links.

I was looking for my favorite Diesel Sweeties comic of all time, the one about the fourth of july and patriotically eating a hot dog for jesus, but I got lazy and I'll share this one. This one is awesome because it mentions Wesley Willis, who is awesome because he's dead*.

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Oooh! Here's an alternate one talking about jesus...

see more hipster robot webcomics and pixel t-shirts

that's all for now, folks.

*I don't really think that it's ever awesome that anyone dies. Just like when I quote Homer Simpson's, "If he's so cool, how come he's dead," I really prefer everyone to stay living... Here's to Wesley Willis, headbutting, and maybe better psychiatric care, better health care, for everyone.


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Christopher And Tia said...

(This doesn't seem like the type of thing you'd be interested in doing at all, but, I had to choose you, because I'd love to know your 7 interesting facts. so...)

*TAG*, you're it! All of the annoying details are at my blog.

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