Wednesday, May 21, 2008

7 projects, 7 days

Fellow PDX Crafty Vixen Sarah, of Simplicity With Sarah, recently posted her list of "101 things in 1001 days." She got the idea from another Portland craftster, Kittykill.

Those numbers are overwhelming.

I need things bite sized. One more block to run. Okay. Now just 1/4 mile more. Okay. Now just one mile more... I'm a slow starter.

So, I've modified the numbers a bit. A lot. Since my work schedule is a bit odd (seven days of ten hour shifts, then seven days of zero hour shifts), I figured a seven day format would be best for me.

Here it is.

Seven projects in seven days.
During my on-week, I'll give myself 7 projects from big (tear out X wall and redo electrical work) to small (read one Pablo Neruda poem a day for the week).

I was thinking maybe I'd do something cleverer like six projects in seven days for the rest of '08, with one day for "rest" but that implies projects=pain in the ass. I like reading poetry, if it's decent. I like planting plants and getting endorphin highs when I make myself work out. I like trying new restaurants and painting things.

I also like playing on teh interweb and wasting time. So here are my rules, here is my list to break myself out of my anarchist anti-rule ways. I can still be a rebel if I make the rules.

Here's my list for next week.
1) Read one poem by pablo neruda each day next week.
2) Learn 7 words in spanish. enlist andy for help.
3) Book that massage before my gift certificate expires.
4) Get or make curtains for our bedroom and the library.
5) Make or get nametags for all the pets.
6) Go to garage sales one day next week.
7) Try one new restaurant NOT in SE portland.

Ongoing goal: work out OTHER than gardening and running up and down the halls whilst at the hospital EVERY OTHER DAY AT LEAST.

I might further modify the rules. Since I'm writing the list NOW, I'm wanting to start on it NOW. I think I might start 1. and 2. now.


Ms. Jessie said...

mi gusta.
I like

Ms. Jessie said...

you smell like a stinky toilet...
translated roughly is...
usted huele como un lavabo apestado

you are an awesome sister
usted es una hermana impresionante

sarah said...

I can help with the restaurant part, if you need assistance :)

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