Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wedding Gowns

So I got a copy of Offbeat Bride. I wasn't worried or even planning our wedding much until the last month or so. The wedding's just a year away, so I gotta get on it.

So I'm gettin on it by looking at etsy :)

Specifically at dresses.

Here's a gorgeous number in black and turquoise by Countessa.

Here's a pretty slightly off-white number. The Madmoiselle by Joanshum. Yeah, I know it's madEmoiselle, but it's her dress, she can spell it however she wants to.

Or hell, maybe I'll just go gothic lolita via PW Design. I just need a matching umbrella and an extra petticoat. (or at least an umbrella painting)

Although I like that last dress, I was maybe kidding for the wedding. I think I'm going to be making my own wedding dress, in gray. Maybe black. With a bit of pale apple green. Strapless, about tea length, but I want it to be shorter in the front and longer in the back, and no train as I'll be getting hitched outdoors on top of a dormant volcano covered with trees and bits of nature. Also I'm gonna buy or make a little hat/fascinator with a bit of netting and have some fly ass shoes.



Anonymous said...

I like at three dresses. are you going for a specific feel for the wedding. what is Bear going to wear? what can I help with from here? I think that the colors you mentioned sound dope. I would wear them..cry cry baby..gotta go! much love

h_pets said...

i'm thinking Roaring 20s meets garden party meets Carnivale.

I think bear will probably wear a button front shirt, possibly gray or black, possibly pinstriped something. Possibly a suit, but we'll see about the weather.

Tia said...

Those dresses are way pretty. I can totally see you rockin' a black gown. I was just trying to tell Christopher where you and Andy are getting married at, but forgot what Mt. Tabor was called, so I was making a hill-like motion with my hand, and he knew instantly where I was talking about. Weird.

h_pets said...

haha hill like motion... i would've guessed boobs??

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