Wednesday, April 23, 2008

etsy's incredible eye candy

Hello. I've got the day off today. And rather than be productive, I've spent the last hour or so jumping around reading craft journals and enjoying etsy shops. Damn you, interweb!

Craftchi's blog, with instructions as well as links to Craftchi's shop is here. From that site, I jumped to Free People's site where I found this crocheted headband. Kinda cute.

However Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie, all owned by the same group, use non-union, sweatshop labor. This is important. Don't be a douchebag. Don't drop your hard earned money on sweatshop produced stuff that puts dollars in the pockets of CEOs

From WireTap Magazine:
"Free-market economists and spokespeople for big business do their best to portray sweatshop workers as grateful for any work at all, and applaud themselves and each other for their humanitarianism. Urban Outfitters founder and President Richard Hayne, who acknowledges that the company and its affiliates -- Anthropologie and Free People -- use non-union overseas sewing shops to make their ueber-trendy clothing lines, has argued that some of the women sewing clothes for him in India had no other potential source of income aside from "selling their bodies." When asked why workers can't be paid more for their labor, the response is always that higher wages would necessarily lead to layoffs and skyrocketing consumer prices.

But the executives overseeing the abuses take home salaries amounting to thousands of times more than the wages paid to the factory workers. Sweatshop Watch reported recently that workers making Levi's jeans in Saipan (a U.S. territory in the Pacific) earned $3.05 per hour, while Levi's CEO Philip Marineau was compensated to the tune of $11,971 per hour -- almost 15 times what he was paid in 2001. Even by simply freezing Marineau's salary at its 2001 levels, Levi's could have given each of the 7,500 workers in Saipan earning minimum wage a 50 per cent raise. "

So get off the poison beacon of sweatshop labor and make one yourself. If you're not a crocheter, check out etsy.

A hippy stylee hair wrap crocheted out of natural fibers:

a cute mustard colored headband that would totally match some socks I have <3

My pals at ChristopherAndTia Christopher and Tia got me a violet hued version of these pretty little ears. Nothing says Xmas like an Ear Scarf. And, alright, ChristopherAndTia are relatives AND pals. Hopefully you can find someone who loves you enough to get you a pair/one of your own!

and on to non-headband merch...

Who doesn't need raven cards? Your sister, your neighbor, your Edgar Allen Poe fan, your weird coworker, that crazy lady who owns like 17 cats that lives down the block... Disclaimer: these are made by the aforementioned ChristopherAndTia, relatives and superstars. And you can totally use 'em for other things: letters, notes to roommates...

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