Friday, June 8, 2012

Things I like

My cousin is a writer.  Check her out on twitter here: backthatelfup

I also like these tutorials:
change a crappy mirror frame into a dope one
make a belly balm and all kinds of stuff
alright, ignore that it says "instagram" and realize they should say fucking "picture," it's a cute spin on the thousands of sachet/beanbag tutes on the web. 

I also like my husband.  He is mostly awesome, and especially after this week, I appreciate his SAHP status.  (Does that acronym sound better than SAHD?  To me it does, but I guess I don't get to pick the label, eh?)

I also like Arkham Horror ( and don't get to play it very often.  Tomorrow, though, it's on!

I also like when friends move forwards towards their dreams.  Congrats to friends and family who are graduating/have graduated this month.

I'm pretty sure my brain is never going to return to premotherhood status.  Dear females who have not had a kid: do not believe anyone's lies.  Your brain will melt, your body will be forever changed, and your lifestyle... well, this modern life truly is a madhouse.  So don't think you have to, don't let anyone tell you that you should or should not have kids, and do whatever you think is best for your own life.

P.S. Don't worry, I'm content.  I just get cranky when people tell other people what to do or not do with their uterus.  :D  or the rest of their bodies, i suppose.


miyoko79 said...

Thanks for the Arkham game and uterus-related support :)

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