Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Run

I am running a 5k in a handful of hours.  I should go to sleep.  But I feel so elated now that the Beanlet has finally gone to sleep.  I only have like half an inch left to read in Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams.  Also, I'm stitching a spiderman blanket which may be for the Beanlet or maybe one of my beloved nephews.  Or eff it, maybe for me.  I like Spiderman as much as the next girl.

I'm also reading a Wonder Woman book, where she gives up her powers and has to fight dudes using martial arts taught to her by a blind Asian guy.  Yeah. 

Need to see if there's a new Northlanders.

You guys read anything good lately?

Hey, I should let you guys know, since you guys like to read things on computer screens, you should get this book.  It's a quick read with good characters.  And it's free right now.  And you can download it right now.  Thieves at Heart (The Valley of Ten Crescents).  Also, the author is a generally cool and good person.  Although in my book, you kind of have to be "good" to be cool.  I swear, I'm not as lame as I sound.  I listen to loud music and say the eff word.  I swear.  Anyway.  The author.  Cool, and has a website.  Welcome to 2012, bi###es.

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