Sunday, January 1, 2012

January: Things I'm looking forward to

First post of the year! Welcome to 2012, and hopefully a new era of me posting on a more regular basis. I hope there's more snow. Portland has just the right amount of seasonal change for me. Not so much that I feel like death and desolation has entered my bones every winter and that heat and ruination owns my pores every summer (I'm lookin' at you, Illinois), but enough. Actually, the climate's pretty temperate here, but I am a big baby and the mild winters are great. But I still like the snow. I'm also looking forward to Baby Bear's first birthday next month!?!. Time flies when ... well, some of it's been fun, it's definitely been an adventure. She is an amazing little creature, and I absolutely adore her. I'm looking forward to crocuses and spring. I know, contradictory to what I said earlier... But I'm starting to get that gardening itch again. I'll have to be content with poring over seed catalogs.

Speaking of death, I'm looking forward to a new year of less people I know dying.   Last year sucked for that.  ((looks down at shoes, not sure what to say after bringing up the subject))...

I'm not big on resolutions, or keeping them.  Maybe it's the truth about the latter that makes me not want to bother with the former.  Anyway, I'm not going to Resolve to Lose Weight, or Resolve to Make More Pancakes or something.  Maybe I'll make some crafty resolutions.  I generally still buy handmade, but I do go a bit batty sometimes and decide I need New Towels.  (By the way, I donno what is up with my use of the uppercase.  I think maybe I think it looks more official.  I was feeling that way about the towels when I bought them.  It was during my nesting phase with the Beanlet).  No, no hard and fast resolutions this year.  At least not right now.

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