Friday, October 14, 2011

This s**t is bananas

I am the proud parent of a giant 7 month old. She is bigger than 99% of kids her age. Any day now, people will look at her and expect her to know how to read just because she's 5'2". She's not THAT big. Yet. Time flies. One of my (many) goals is to blog consistently. Tutorials and such, and I'll keep my rants (mostly) to myself. Except when I have to shout GO OWS! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALL THE OCCUPIERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY! We need our nation back from the corporations, back from those "corporate citizens" who would be in jail for terrible behaviors if they were actual citizens. I may or may not post Little Bear pictures. The Mr. and I have an ongoing debate on the internets and our Osita's pics on teh interwebs. She may be headless like the kids of the lady who makes the Star Wars food. (Did I tell you I went to a panel she was on at Geek Girl Con? Yeah, I kind of haven't blogged in a while. GGC was AWESOME). So. Blog planning. Look for reorganized Hybridhopes which is absolutely everything you ever dreamed starting... January 1st. That's right. I'm actually going to do a resolution this January 1st. Going to do events in the morning with the Little Bear, so I'll catch ya'll later.

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