Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day as a mom

And it pretty much ranks up there with other days. Meh.

Some of it's petty, like being mad at my husband for taking me to Sock Dreams, letting me pick out a pair of fancy striped socks, watching me deliberate between a six dollar pair and a sixteen dollar pair, and going with the cheaper ones. Then he got a sixteen dollar pair for himself. When I finally told him today that it bothered me, he responded that it we talked about each getting some, mine for mothers day and his for fathers. I don't think he realized it was the triple price thing that really bothered me. Also, WTF am I gonna get him for fathers day now? (instinct today is to say nothing but I was actually planning on making him a thing) But like I said, I'm being fairly petty. Especially because i have a bigger reason to hate today; my uncle is dying. End stage liver failure is hell. Then when I come home from visiting my mourning family at his house, he's watching basketball, dishes, bottles, and breastpump equipment unwashed. He doesn't yet get that you can (nay, HAVE TO) multitask with a baby.
Meh, life's not a bitch, I am. I didn't want a perfect day, just one where I don't ... Meh.

I watched my grandma watching her child's dying breaths today. Fuck mothers day.


Phancy That said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day. It gets better, I promise.

hybridhopes said...

I was being kind of a jerk that day. Instead of outright saying what my problem was, I just got meaner and meaner towards Andy. Normally we communicate well, and he's very thoughtful

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