Monday, April 18, 2011

Sourdough starter update, and my first wool soaker

Woo! My sourdough skills seem to be progressing. I've made two batches so far. The first two loaves, the first batch, were a bit underdone and dense. They baked for the minimum time. So the second batch I baked for 5 minutes more. These four loaves turned out much better. I split the second batch into two groups - unbleached white bread flour and regular whole wheat flour. I'm kind of bummed that I like the stuff that's not whole wheat the best. However, I'm hoping that each batch will get better and better as I figure out what I'm doing :D

Another project I JUST started is a crocheted wool soaker. I've casted on and started the first row. I'm making the standard size of CrochetCastle's Easiest Crochet Wool Soaker. (In case you're wondering wts a soaker is, check out this description. I needed something to work on at tonight's craft night at a local coffeeshop/bar. It's my first postnatal craft night!

On the mama side of things, Little Hopes is just about two months old and getting so long. She's got a light case of cradlecap. I might treat it so it's not visible for photos - I think we'll get them "professionally" done next month.

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