Saturday, February 12, 2011

50 projects in 2011 update

Craftster's 2011 thread

and my list

Things I've finished:

15. Plant snow peas / peas by end of Feb. (done)
13. Crochet that ______ for that ________ (Feb ravelry group project) (done)

16. Grow better peppers (started some Purple Beauty Bells) (started)

20. Wire wrap necklace project for me for Isobel's birth (done)

21. Make nursing pads (2 pairs done with this tutorial

23. Make burp cloths (6 done)

27. Blog at least four times a month. With one tutorial a month. (I think, other than the tutorial, I'm done)

31 Deliver a baby (NOT YET :/ ... but she's not due until Monday)

33 Make holder for tax receipts (bought, needs embellishing)

50. Make indoor herb garden for Bear. (started, bought pot with input from Bear, got new potting soil, and started two kinds of basil seeds)

51. Make bird seed wreaths with gelatin from recipe here (done)

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