Friday, December 3, 2010

Wintermade Crocheted Animals: Don't look if you're my niece!

Wintermade stuffed animals group

The small bear pattern is from Crochet Today! May/June 2008 and is CRAZY fast to stitch up. I made it with stitched eyes to make it totally safe for our first baby that we're expecting in February.

The owl pattern is the Cutest Little Owl pattern from Crochet Today! Sept/Oct 2007. It wasn't as small as the name implied, but it was cute. Totally should've used a smaller hook, you can kind of see the stuffing peek through a little.

The bears are also from a magazine pattern, can't remember which one off the top of my head. I changed the legs a bit, otherwise they're the same pattern and same hook: the size difference is just because one yarn is a bit thicker, although they're technically both worsted weight :D The blue bear is for one of my nieces.

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