Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby news and afkish

Hey dudes. It's been difficult posting on my little iPod touch with the little sceen and little keyboard and noneasy linking. The mister and I have been staying at a friend's home. The mister's pm his laptop and I'm typing on a two by one inch keyboard. Oh well.

updates ....

Tomorrow is the first day of possibly the last cthulu fest ever. Were going Friday only... Opening night is the dopest, and I love the short films so that's where you'll find us. It's not a bad idea, we've found in the last years, to go a few hours early to drink drinks at a local hollywood district eatery. Because of the little one growing in my uterus, I won't be partaking of alcohol this year, but will eat lots of yummy food. And well be early wnogj to get a goodie bag if their doing them this year. was last year the year they gave us nyarlotep chocolate? YUM

so onto other news... The bean/seed/fetus is a girl. Were having a baby girl!!!! For the record, we'd be excited if it was aboy rtoo and would have an equl number of exclamation points. I'm excited to meet her. She's been moving around but not externally visible yet.

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