Tuesday, March 9, 2010

stain test

My brother did a stain test on the floor. I'm stoked to have our floor redone while we frolic through Europe like a coupla bougies. We'll end up doing the bedrooms eventually, but doing things yourself and/or coercing family into helping takes time. :D
On a related note, aforementioned brother is pretty much a stain genius. He was going to buy several tiny samples to pick out the right color, but the store didn't have samples. So he got a small can that was a bit more costly than he was planning. A single can. And it's pretty much perfect. "Something warmish red, or something that is close to the color it is already." Yeah, I didn't give him a lot to go on, and he hit the mark. Woot.

PLUS my cousin sent me a package that arrived today. Lots of little BPAL and BPALesque perfumes, including one of my favorites, "How doth the little crocodile."

Yeah, so I gotta go to work now.

I won't be posting much the next month.

Aforementioned brother will be housesitting, with his mean dog and his crazy girlfriend. So don't rob my house, because it will be inhabited by crazy vicious creatures. thx.


Polly Mae + John said...

and guns. they have lots of guns. don't even look at the house.

Hybrid Hopes said...

i love guns.
bop guns.

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