Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knitting Good for Soldiers, Good for You

One of the blogs I follow posted this. A lot of folks write and talk about the therapeutic benefits of craft. Some even compare it to, or describe it as, meditation. Maybe it's trying to justify a hobby or jump on the hipster buddhist-wannabe bandwagon. It is, for me and a lot of folks, relaxing. The joy from making something with your two hands is nice in this electronic, consumer era. We deal in so much that doesn't exist tangibly (electronic banking, e-mails, tv), and the touch that comes with crafting breaks up that monotony.

Anyway, it's interesting that there may be a trend between wartime and an increase in people taking up knitting. Why is that? They needed to see their stitches stack up, a hope against another stupid war? Maybe those at home hoped that by the time they were done with a sweater, their soldier would be safe back at home to wear the damn thing.

Did I ever tell you that I worked at a veterans' home? Yeah, I did. 1996 or so. One of the reasons I won't join the military. They can't talk about atrocities that they saw. Or they have nightmares, still. These were people decades out of war. Or if they bring it up, their embarrassed, or scared, or angry, or numb.

Anyway, I am upset at the way the military is used. Kids join up because they don't have access to other opportunities, don't think they can go to college. Poor kids and minorities especially, troubled kids, harassed/wooed by recruiters while in high school. Kids have surprise pregnancies and panic. People are offered reduced jail sentences for military service. Then they join up, and go protect the assets or desired assets of corporations, working side by side with murderers like Blackwater. Then they come home, distraught as hell, off themselves, and everyone loses. Fuck that shit.

Okay, going to bed now.

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