Monday, January 25, 2010

green face mask + me = seamonster

So I've been breaking out like mad. I've heard that it happens in your thirties, that you break out sometimes worse than you did in your oh-so-joyous teen years. That doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. I feel like whoever's stuck working on days like this.

I'm going to try natural ways to fix my problem. One, I take lots of hot steamy baths - maybe it actually clogs my pores when coupled with my 58 degree house. Two, I don't want to nuke my skin with harsh chemicals produced by companies that are kind of, well, monsters. Thirdly, looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon is kind of awesome, and has been a personal aspiration of mine for years.

I'm the one on the left.

Yeah, so make with the tutes, you say. Alright, here ya go:

Green Clay Mask
1 tbsp green clay (sometimes sold as french clay, but often is not from France even if it's labeled "french clay. The powder I got was just labeled "green clay" and I bought at Limbo for a buck an ounce)
1 tbsp water (room temp, or cooler if you want it to dry slower)
1 drop tea tree oil (optional, but it's an antibacterial, figured it was good to throw in here)
2 drops comfrey oil (good for cranky skin)

Mix the clay powder and the water in a glass bowl (anything but metal, actually). I use a non-metal spoon too, but I'm not certain that's necessary. Once mixed and lump-free, mix in the oils. Voila! You are done.

To use, just smooth over your face, staying away from your hairline, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Just enough to cover, it doesn't need to be crazy thick. This recipe makes enough for two facial masks, so use about half of what you've got. The rest can be capped in a airtight container. If it dries out a bit before you can put it in an airtight container, you can just add a bit more water and remix. Let it dry for ten minutes or so (or long enough to read a couple more chapters in your book), then rinse off. It might take longer to dry if it's super humid or you've mixed in a drop or two extra of water or oils. I thought about leaving the comfrey oil out, but afterwards even with the oil, my skin feels maybe a little too dry. Damn you, combination skin!!!

When I got the green clay, Mr. Hopes got a premeasured package of red clay. I smell a "We've Been Together Ten Years So Now We Do Weird Things for Date Night" Date Night. Red clay, by the by, is supposed to be more for skin that's too dry, and green clay is for oily skin.


TJ Tarwater said...

I know that tea tree oil can dry our one's skin so be careful, Then again, might be what you're going for :D

Might need to try one of these.

Hybrid Hopes said...

ah, didn't know that about tea tree oil.
the clay already is a bit drying on it's own, so next time i'll try something different.
i used this recipe again today, gonna try it (or a variation thereof) once a week.

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