Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday, the Second


This is another recent one. Must've been April, 2009. The birds were just starting to get used to outside living, having grown to teenagers in the craft room closet. Tilly, the 'lorp, is in the foreground. You can see her white patch she still has. We weren't sure what breed she was here. We bought two Australorps and three Silkies, we thought. Turns out we bought one Australorp, one Plymouth Barred Rock, and three Silkies, one of the silkies being a male. I'm pretty sure that's Tatiana Ali on the right, the Chicken of Vast Mistaking. See, I wanted to name the pugnacious biggest silkie after Mohammad Ali's boxing daughter. And my brain apparently was melty that day, because Mohammad's daughter's name is Leila. Tatiana Ali, as my readers already know, was the name of an actress on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Doh!

Either way, she turned out to be a dude, so we had to pass her on to someone a little more rural.

You can see the barred rock's, well, barred markings pretty well here, her orange beak quickly ruled her out of Astralorp designation. She's now the leader of the pack, despite the 'lorp being much bigger.

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